Some Examples of Algorithmically Detected Evergreen Stories

Interest in evergreen story detection algorithms is driven by the underlying economics that characterize publishers’ archives. Publishers’ archives can be hugely valuable to readers, but remain mostly inaccessible to readers due to the cost of finding content in those archives. … Continue reading

Why WPEngine (Rightfully) Bans Many Related Posts Plugins

WPEngine, one of the premier WordPress hosting sites, allows sites to run almost any plugin. But notably WPEngine blocks a number of related posts plugins, including Dynamic Related Posts, SEO Auto Links & Related Posts, Yet Another Related Posts Plugin … Continue reading

Your Related Posts Leave Many Readers Empty

Sometimes I think there’s an entry on a WordPress blog development checklist somewhere that says “Add Related Posts”. So sites add some plugin that adds Related Posts, because that’s what the checklist says. I think that also explains why there … Continue reading

Contextly 3.0: More than Just a Pretty New Paint Job

Sometimes a new paint job is more than just a paint job. We set out a while ago to move to a more modern design with our recommendation modules, and we definitely did that with 3.0 which we released on … Continue reading

Following The News Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Following the news you care about shouldn’t be hard. But we’ve all had that situation where we read a story that leaves us with questions and wanting us to know what’s next. Recently, the two-week Ellen Pao sexual discrimination case … Continue reading

Understanding Contextly Reports

Contextly Reports is Contextly’s new analytic system, reinvented. The features of this new system were born from the following objectives: Demonstrate the value of Contextly by describing the performance of all aspects of our offering. Provide information to writers and … Continue reading

Contextly Reports 2.0: Evergreens, Scroll Rate, and More

Starting Monday night, Contextly clients will be getting a new analytics report in their inbox, with more data about what readers are doing on the site, what stories are resonating, and how users are interacting with Contextly’s recommendation modules. We’re … Continue reading

Evergreens: It Takes An Algorithm

Evergreens Continue reading

Top 15 Stories Published from the 1940s-50s that Did Well on Hacker News

Some of what’s old is new again. Below you’ll find a list of the top 15 stories published from the 1940s-1950s, spanning World War II to the beginning of modern computing, that have interested the Hacker News community over the … Continue reading

Vox and Outbrain: A Tale of Two Publishing Worlds

It’s a tale of two publishing worlds. Last week, Vox, the publisher of sites including The Verge and SB Nation, landed $46.5M in funding at a valuation of $380 million. It’s just the latest in a series of new publishers … Continue reading