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I’m baby palo santo bushwick artisan vexillologist, before they sold out subway tile etsy tote bag ugh literally DIY hot chicken cornhole small batch 3 wolf moon. Whatever jianbing plaid pabst health goth fam before they sold out neutra fingerstache … Continue reading

Favorite Feature #17: Let Readers Follow Topics on Your Site (Channels!)

Contextly Channels let readers sign up to get notified of new posts on topics they care about, without any extra work by writers or editors. Channels let you build and own a new distribution method. Continue reading

Favorite Feature #15: Filter Related Posts by Date, Categories and Tags

Contextly now lets sites exclude posts from related, popular and evergreen recommendations by date, tags/categories, url/keyword. Hide unwanted or expired content from your recommendations. Continue reading

GutenSidebar! Contextly’s Sidebars Now Work with the Gutenberg Editor

Contextly’s cool editorial tools to add sidebars to posts now works with the Wordpress Gutenberg editor (and the Classic editor, too!). Continue reading

Design for Readers, Not Against Them

When I quit my editing job at Wired in 2012 to spend more time with my startup, Contextly was focussed on helping readers dive deeply into a story, via smart related links at the end of stories. I was frustrated … Continue reading

Contextly Channels Let Readers Follow Topics They Care About

Publishers have just gained a potent tool in the battle for readers’ attention and loyalty. Today Contextly introduces Channels. Many publishers write stories that consistently fall into a small number of topics. Contextly Channels now make it possible for readers … Continue reading

An Auto-Sidebar in Every Post (Better than a Chicken in Every Pot)

At Contextly, we’re big fans of sidebars in the body of stories. Sidebars with smart recommendations show off the depth and breadth of your site, and add a nice visual flair without interrupting a reader’s flow through a story. Sidebars … Continue reading

Infinite Scroll Is (Usually) Just a Bad Recommendation System

Infinite scroll, the web design practice that lets readers scroll down into more stories on a news site after reaching the end of a post, became popular with news publishers after the rise of feed-based sites like Instagram, Facebook and … Continue reading

Kill All the Authors’ (Bios)

Author bios don’t belong at the end of a story; they should live on their own page. Boost engagement and CTRs and pageviews per reader by simply moving them out from under stories. Continue reading

The Things Publishers Can’t Count

There are things publishers can’t count on the internet. Things that don’t show up in Google Analytics or in Chartbeat. I know that sounds like heresy in the age of pageview quotas and dashboard fetishism. It sounds a bit odd … Continue reading