Foursquare Gives Readers Way to Save Locations from Stories

Foursquare is offering publishers a button that lets readers “save” a location mentioned in a story — say a cool, new boutique or an interesting restaurant, and users can choose to have their phones remind them of it when they get nearby.

The idea of this is fantastic, and fits in with how Contextly thinks about media content. In short, this feature gives a story life outside of the content management system and gives it longstanding context in a reader’s life.

In fact, I’m not a FourSquare user, but if publications in the Bay Area started using these, I’m pretty sure I’d start.

“Save to Foursquare” buttons now appear alongside web content at New York magazine, Time Out, and a variety of other publishers, allowing users to send places they want to go to their phones and get alerted when they’re in the vicinity.Foursquare actually introduced a version of this feature last year, but it didn’t catch on. The company says the new “Save to Foursquare” technology is easier for publishers to implement. The new version also supports recently added features like Radar, which buzzes users’ phones when they’re near places they’ve saved.

via Foursquare Teams Up With NY Mag, Time Out, Other Publishers | paidContent.


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