Breaking Down Content Silos by Integrating Videos and Products into Recommendations

Today’s publications do more than just publish text stories. For instance, a huge number of publications also produce videos, and a growing number are combining content with commerce. Too often, these content types exist in separate silos inside a publication. … Continue reading

Foursquare Gives Readers Way to Save Locations from Stories

Foursquare is offering publishers a button that lets readers “save” a location mentioned in a story — say a cool, new boutique or an interesting restaurant, and users can choose to have their phones remind them of it when they … Continue reading

Google News Offers Publishers Tool to Promote Original Reporting

Google took a significant step this weekend to adding more signal to the noisy world of online publishing. Called “Standout,” the system allows news publishers to tag up to 7 of their stories a week as their best work. As … Continue reading