Favorite Feature #5: Creating a Curated In-Story Sidebar

We love sidebars in stories. So much so that we have both automatic and curated ones. Here’s how to choose the stories to add to a sidebar that lives in the body of a story. Continue reading

Favorite Feature #4: Auto-Updating Sidebars in the Body of Stories

Getting readers deeper into your site to earn their loyalty requires giving them ways to find your best stuff. So why not give them a portal from inside the body of a story? That’s the Contextly Auto-Sidebar. Continue reading

Favorite Feature #3: Choosing Related Posts, Made Simple

Contextly doesn’t require writers to choose related posts, but for those times when they do want to, we made curating related links wickedly simple. Continue reading

Favorite Feature #2: Linking Out to The Web, Made Easy

Linking out to other sites shouldn’t be hard, so we made it simple in one of Contextly’s earliest features. Continue reading

Are You Making the Most of Your Content Marketing or Just Wasting Money?

If you are paying to get someone to visit your site, the last thing you want is for that visitor to bounce off your site. That’s just money wasted. Depending on your organization’s business goals, you want that visitor to … Continue reading

Add Related Posts and Content Recommendations to Custom Post Types

Adding Contextly related links and content recommendations to your custom post types in Wordpress is simple. The controls are in the Advanced Tab of the Contextly settings in Wordpress. Continue reading