Add Related Posts and Content Recommendations to Custom Post Types

Contextly Admin interface for choosing custom post types

Here’s where you choose what custom post types to show Contextly widgets on.

I’ve heard the question a few times, “How do I add related posts to Custom Post types in WordPress?”

That’s a new feature in Contextly as of version 1.0.85 of our related content plugin (our big summer 2013 release), but it’s super easy to add content recommendations to custom post types. (For those unfamiliar, Contextly is the best and easiest way to add awesome content recommendations to your blog or publication, including related and engaging stories.)

Simply navigate to in WordPress to Settings –> Contextly –> Advanced. Towards the bottom, you will see a list of custom post types. Simply check the ones you want related links to show up on, and we’ll take it from there.

Also, just a reminder, you can turn off Contextly’s related post widget and the sidebars in any post.

Just look in the preview box below your post text. There’s a little button there you can turn off the widgets on a given post. This is useful if you turn our related posts on for Pages, but have some pages that don’t need them (like a privacy policy, for instance.)

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