Favorite Feature #16: Reports on Referrer Sites and Homepages

Contextly Analytics now includes more data to help sites decide what to do more of, including data on referrers as well as traffic to non-story pages such as homepages and tag/category pages. Continue reading

Following The News Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Following the news you care about shouldn’t be hard. But we’ve all had that situation where we read a story that leaves us with questions and wanting us to know what’s next. Recently, the two-week Ellen Pao sexual discrimination case … Continue reading

Contextly Reports 2.0: Evergreens, Scroll Rate, and More

Starting Monday night, Contextly clients will be getting a new analytics report in their inbox, with more data about what readers are doing on the site, what stories are resonating, and how users are interacting with Contextly’s recommendation modules. We’re … Continue reading

Introducing Contextly

Today marks both the public debut of Contextly and my departure from editing and reporting at Wired. Ten years of writing and editing at Wired, covering everything from the NSA to Y Combinator, has taught me many things: that privacy … Continue reading

Get More Traffic from Google News (And Good Karma!)

Contextly is proud to announce our first publicly available tool – Standout Stories by Contextly. The tool allows sites that are indexed by Google News to tell the search engine about the site’s best stories. It also lets you get … Continue reading