Favorite Feature #16: Reports on Referrer Sites and Homepages

Many Contextly users say our daily, weekly and monthly reports are their favorite part of our content recommendation service.

To make our reports even more useful, we’ve expanded our reports to include information on home pages, tag/category pages and about where your traffic is coming from (referral reports). We’ve even given the service a name: Contextly Analytics.

Starting with version 6.0.2, Contextly will collect data on homepage visits and to visits to tag and category pages. We don’t show recommendations on these pages, so these aren’t counted in our calculations of CTRs.

They are, however, included in the summary,

Contextly Analytics Email Sample And, in a longer breakdown,

Contextly Analytics Email Sample

We also now record referrers to your site, and break those into buckets. This lets you see how many people come to your site via social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as with Search (e.g. Bing, Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo).

We also keep track of Internal referrers, which is views that come from links on your own site.

Contextly Analytics Email Sample

We also break out top pages per source, so you can see what’s doing well on Facebook and what’s doing well in search.

Contextly Analytics Email Sample

We hope these easy-to-use reports help you better plan your editorial strategy and plan to build on them soon to make them even more useful.

One thing to note: measuring web traffic is more art than science. Our numbers will be different than other analytics such as Google Analytics. That’s because each service filters out bots differently; counts partial page-loads differently; and get blocked by user browsers’ differently.

But our numbers will be directionally correct, and our analytics are intended to help you understand what’s going on with your site and what content is resonating with readers. Our Contextly Analytics are meant to help with your editorial strategy.

Remember, you can add as many people in your organization as you like to the list of those that get the emailed reports, and for those of you who don’t need all the reports, you can turn off daily, weekly, or monthly reports – just look at the end of any report sent to you for unsubscribe options.

Finally, as a note on privacy, Contextly’s service does not rely on cookies either for recommendations or our analytics (though our CDN does use a necessary and permitted session cookie to prevent malicious attacks). We remain fully compliant with both the GDPR and CCPA as we don’t track readers of your site.

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