An Auto-Sidebar in Every Post (Better than a Chicken in Every Pot)

At Contextly, we’re big fans of sidebars in the body of stories. Sidebars with smart recommendations show off the depth and breadth of your site, and add a nice visual flair without interrupting a reader’s flow through a story. Sidebars … Continue reading

Announcing Auto-Sidebars 2.0: Automatic, Easy and Editable

We’ve had Auto-Sidebars for a long time, and the first version was pretty cool. Version 2.0 shipped this week and now they are wicked cool. The sidebar below is a live Auto-Sidebar. Basically, Auto-Sidebars are sidebars that live in the … Continue reading

Contextly 3.0: More than Just a Pretty New Paint Job

Sometimes a new paint job is more than just a paint job. We set out a while ago to move to a more modern design with our recommendation modules, and we definitely did that with 3.0 which we released on … Continue reading

Contextly Reports 2.0: Evergreens, Scroll Rate, and More

Starting Monday night, Contextly clients will be getting a new analytics report in their inbox, with more data about what readers are doing on the site, what stories are resonating, and how users are interacting with Contextly’s recommendation modules. We’re … Continue reading

Breaking Down Content Silos by Integrating Videos and Products into Recommendations

Today’s publications do more than just publish text stories. For instance, a huge number of publications also produce videos, and a growing number are combining content with commerce. Too often, these content types exist in separate silos inside a publication. … Continue reading

Why Contextly is Fighting for An Open Internet

Back before the iPhone app store and then Google’s Android app store, building software to run on mobile phones was a loser’s game. You had to get the permission from Verizon or AT&T, and then you might have to sign … Continue reading

Contextly Launches Wicked Smart Content Recommendation Service for Publishers

    The most powerful tool for publications looking to build a loyal, high-value audiences just got even more powerful. And a lot more public. On Wednesday, Contextly’s current and new publishers will be powered by our next-generation content recommendation … Continue reading

Drupal, Meet Contextly’s Related Links; Contextly, Drupal.

Drupal, we are happy to make your acquaintance. We’re excited to announce that we now have a Contextly Drupal module for our related links and sidebar product. We have modules for both Drupal 6 and Drupal 7. The module is … Continue reading

Contextly Joins SXSW Interactive Accelerator Competition & Brawl

The first rule about tech journalism startup fight club is that you must blog about it, so here it goes. Contextly has been accepted into a fight to death with seven other news-centric startups as part of the SXSW Interactive … Continue reading