Favorite Feature #8: Not Having to Do Anything


So far in the November round-up of our favorite features, I’ve shown a few of my favorite editorial tools that we built to make writing faster, easier and more effective for building engagement and SEO. I wrote about our internal linking tool, the external linking one,in-story auto-sidebars and how-to choose related posts, and curated in-story sidebars.

While none of these take many clicks, there is clicking involved.

So Sunday’s favorite feature is about not having to do anything.

I’m not using the internal linking tool or the external one. No sidebar will be added by me to the page. There is an auto-sidebar up above, but that’s actually automatically added when I started this post (a feature I haven’t highlighted yet).

I’m simply going to write this post and publish it.

And when I do, the post will have great, automatic related recommendations. The fantastic “Explore” section will get filled with popular, evergreen and personalized recommendations for return readers.

There’s a siderail that will get other popular and evergreen content (different from what’s below). And the main module will also have a video section.

And Contextly analytics will keep track of how the post performs in a report that will be emailed to me on Monday.

I could make a video of me just pressing publish, but there’s no need.

You get the point. We got your back even when you are feeling tired or Sunday fishing lazy.

[For the month of November 2015, in honor of National Novel Writing Month and National Blog Posting Month #NaBloPoMo, I’ll be writing a post a day about a favorite Contextly feature. It’s a bit of a love letter and a bit of a how-to.]

If you want to try Contextly on your own WordPress site, you can download it from the WordPress plugin gallery, or you want to learn about our custom CMS integration, drop us a line.

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