Contextly Launches Wicked Smart Content Recommendation Service for Publishers

    The most powerful tool for publications looking to build a loyal, high-value audiences just got even more powerful. And a lot more public. On Wednesday, Contextly’s current and new publishers will be powered by our next-generation content recommendation … Continue reading

The Most Important Thing Publishers Need to Do to Build a Long-Term Audience

Chartbeat uncovered the key to building a long-term audience out of social and search visitors: It’s to get them to read more than one story. That’s how you get them to come back later. Continue reading

Fully Auto, Responsive, and Custom: Contextly’s Big Summer 2013 Release

Contextly released a major upgrade to its Wordpress plugin, including automatic related posts, responsive designs, custom rows and more. Continue reading

What’s the Best Content Recommendation and Related Links Plugin for WordPress?

There’s a lot of related links plugins for Wordpress. How do you know which is the best one for you? Here’s a look from a San Francisco Wordpress meet-up at Automattic HQ at what content recommendation services and plugins available, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Continue reading

How to Embed Instagram Photos Into WordPress or Drupal Responsively

Yes, Instagram now lets you embed Instagram photos right into your blog, but as Joshua Benton noted over at Nieman Labs, these embeds don’t play nicely with responsive designs. Luckily, as Benton points out, there’s an easy workaround, thanks to … Continue reading

Don’t Bury the Link Under All That “Snow Fall”

The New York Times’s and The Verge and Pitchfork are all experimenting with beautiful story layouts, including parallax images, but too often those stories end up forgetting the basics of online storytelling – links. Here’s why that matters. Continue reading

Publishers Should Totally Check Out Google’s Content Recommendation Service

Google introduced a very cool, mobile-focussed way to show readers interesting stuff to read when they get to the end of a story on a mobile device. Yes, it’s a bit too Google+ focussed, but it’s cool, innovative and free. Continue reading

Reuters Re-Design Wins By Respecting the Reader and the Story

Reuters is the latest big media company to re-imagine how stories should be presented online, debuting Tuesday a preview of its upcoming re-design. Like the New York Times‘ preview, Reuters is big on white space, with a wide column for … Continue reading

Publishers’ Reputations, Not Just Money, At Stake in Content Suggestion Battle

That spot at the end of new stories is a powerful place to show recommendations to readers and build a long-term audience. Unfortunately, many publishers are putting their reputations and their readers’ health and finances at risk for short-term gains. Continue reading

API, Promo Links and Blocks, Oh My! A Contextly Update for WordPress

We’re excited to announce that we’ve publicly shipped the latest version of Contextly for WordPress, which brings some fantastic under-the-hood improvements, along with some fun stuff for writers and readers. The new version rides on top of a new API, … Continue reading