Publishers Should Totally Check Out Google’s Content Recommendation Service

Google introduced a very cool, mobile-focussed way to show readers interesting stuff to read when they get to the end of a story on a mobile device. Yes, it’s a bit too Google+ focussed, but it’s cool, innovative and free. Continue reading

Get More Traffic from Google News (And Good Karma!)

Contextly is proud to announce our first publicly available tool – Standout Stories by Contextly. The tool allows sites that are indexed by Google News to tell the search engine about the site’s best stories. It also lets you get … Continue reading

Google News Offers Publishers Tool to Promote Original Reporting

Google took a significant step this weekend to adding more signal to the noisy world of online publishing. Called “Standout,” the system allows news publishers to tag up to 7 of their stories a week as their best work. As … Continue reading