A profile of Contextly’s “powerful content recommendation system”

I recently had the chance to speak with Christine Preusler at Hosting Advice, who then wrote up a detailed and insightful profile of Contextly’s recommendation service and how our model of quality links back to publishers’ own content resonates with … Continue reading

Contextly Passes the 100,000 Email Mark with B2B Travel Disrupter Skift

In 2014, Rafat Ali’s Skift was in big trouble. The B2B travel industry upstart was three months away from burning through all their cash and they were unable to raise more capital. Oh, how things have changed. Today Skift is … Continue reading

Breaking Down Content Silos by Integrating Videos and Products into Recommendations

Today’s publications do more than just publish text stories. For instance, a huge number of publications also produce videos, and a growing number are combining content with commerce. Too often, these content types exist in separate silos inside a publication. … Continue reading

Contextly Launches Wicked Smart Content Recommendation Service for Publishers

    The most powerful tool for publications looking to build a loyal, high-value audiences just got even more powerful. And a lot more public. On Wednesday, Contextly’s current and new publishers will be powered by our next-generation content recommendation … Continue reading

Fully Auto, Responsive, and Custom: Contextly’s Big Summer 2013 Release

Contextly released a major upgrade to its Wordpress plugin, including automatic related posts, responsive designs, custom rows and more. Continue reading

Contextly Joins SXSW Interactive Accelerator Competition & Brawl

The first rule about tech journalism startup fight club is that you must blog about it, so here it goes. Contextly has been accepted into a fight to death with seven other news-centric startups as part of the SXSW Interactive … Continue reading

11 Lessons Learned Launching Contextly on My Final Day at Wired

Friday was my last day of work at Wired as a full-time writer and the editor of Threat Level. It was also the public launch of my editorial tools startup Contextly. It turns out doing both *on the same day* … Continue reading